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I am a freelance writer  for businesses and publications.

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You want to become an industry authority and increase sales through strategic content, but don't have the capacity to do it yourself.

Here's where I can help.

I've written high-engagement blogs, articles, and social media content for businesses in healthcare, tech, travel, fitness, and social impact.

Let me write SEO articles, blogs, web, and social media content to establish your business as a thought leader and convert traffic into sales.

For Publications

You're looking for a professional content writer who understands your audience and has fresh ideas to keep them constantly engaged.

With experience writing consistent content for client blogs and social media campaigns, I know how to pitch new content and write directly to a target audience.

Let me write SEO articles or blog posts for your publication that drive traffic and engagement based on your unique readership.

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About Me

I am a freelance writer and digital nomad with a focus on business, health, environment, and travel.

I have ghostwritten articles published in a major business magazine, environmental writing published in academic journals, and agency experience writing social media content for national non-profits. 

With a business degree from McGill University, I understand how to distill complex topics into readable content that cuts through the algorithm and gets right to your audience.

Let me help you engage your customers and lead in your market.

My Articles & Blogs

4 Holistic Methods to Reduce Infertility Stress

[Ghostwritten] It’s no surprise that infertility causes stress. Especially as a woman, not being able to reproduce naturally can create feelings of shame, guilt, and low self-esteem. For many, infertility is also a silent burden. Even though 1 in 8 couples struggle to become pregnant or sustain pregnancy, most infertile women do not share with family or friends, which can make it even harder to cope.

Are We Wimps: An Intergenerational Debate on Hard Work

If you’re reading this and you’re a millennial — or worse, a fateful Gen Z like myself — do you ever catch yourself spiralling into half-baked criticisms of the world, wondering why it’s always so hard? The work, the lack of interaction, the interaction, the screens, the invisible input switch that miraculously never turns off? I notice these feelings are almost always accompanied by guilt that comes in the form of a familiar line of self-

How Can a Gay Couple Have a Baby: Moe and Tamar’s Story

[Ghostwritten] In honour of Pride Month, we are sharing the story of Moe and Tamar, one of our lesbian couples who used reciprocal IVF to get pregnant this year. We sat down with Moe and Tamar to learn what they went through, the good and the bad, on their journey to building a family. Their story was not only honest, but it left us a little more hopeful for other LGBTQ+ folks starting their fertility journeys. If you’re a member of the LGBTQ+ communit

My Social Media Campaigns

I have designed and executed social media campaigns for clients in varied industries. This spotlight campaign garnered an engaged audience of 10K+ within a month.

For your business, I will develop a content calendar of originally designed and copywritten posts, using clear calls to action to turn your views into sales. 

Let's talk more about how my social media can help you reach your business goals.

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I hired Rachael Madore to write my Social Media posts and 1 blog per month. Her interviewing skills are very effective, and she is a fantastic writer.....very articulate, but succinct, and keeps the audience engaged. The articles she writes are well researched. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her for any of your writing needs.

Dr. Tanya Williams

I hired Rachael to write long-form articles for a high-profile business publication. She was reliable, communicative, and produced high-quality work. I would highly recommend her for any writing job.

Erika G., Casai